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Apple Can Now Help You Repair the MacBook Pro

Video-Apple Can Now Help You Repair the MacBook Pro

This iFixit video notes that Apple is supplying a comprehensive repair manual for the MacBook M2 Pro models. It’s a step in the right direction but not without hitches.

DesignNews has over the past year published numerous articles and videos looking at the repairability of various consumer electronics devices. Apple’s various consumer electronics devices, notably its iPhones, have presented arduous challenges in repairability.

But according to a recent iFixit review on Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro, Apple has published a comprehensive repair guide for this flagship laptop.  A full 162 pages long, the manual provides excruciating details on the steps and tools needed, including a mind-boogling array to tools and screws. The reviewer points out this is part of Apple’s move to make its consumer electronics devices more repairable.

Chesnot/Getty Images News/Via Getty ImagesGettyImages-macbookproSMALL (1).jpg

Following Apple’s detailed instructions to disassemble and repair the laptop is generally very helpful, but the process still takes time.  Moreover, there’s still the issues of parts pairing and software locks, which holds the user hostage to Apple’s parts and repair ecosystems.

While most users are less likely to want to undertake the repair of a complex laptop themselves, well, at least Apple this time is trying its best to help the consumer.

The video discusses the repairability of Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro.


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